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Canterbury Gets Back To Its Roots With 2019 Clubbies Sponsorship Deal

March 20, 2019 Grassroots 3 min read BACK

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Each year, Inside Sport run their annual ‘Clubbies’ Awards which highlights, thanks and honours the clubs, coaches and volunteers who are dedicated to grassroots sports across Australia.

In 2018, two new award categories were added to the existing five ‘Clubbies’ awards, and another new award – Best use of Media – has been added to 2019’s list. Voting on the 2019 ‘Clubbies’ awards is now open.

Recognising 2019’s Best Coach

Canterbury is proud to have been chosen as one of two major partners with Inside Sport, and to sponsor, judge and present the 2019 Best Coach award. As one of the major pioneers within the industry, Canterbury believe that it is important to invest in youth and grassroots sports in order to showcase Australia’s sporting prowess across the globe.

“Sport, at a club level, is what Canterbury is all about. The passion, friendship and fun at the grassroots level is the energy that fuels the future of the game, and we believe in ‘Everything for the Game’. Nothing could be more important to us than helping both the stars of the future, and the everyday heroes having a go, to live, train and play,” said Jamie Meikleham, Managing Director, Canterbury APAC.

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Canterbury & Clubbies: Sharing Values

In addition to being committed to teamwear, Canterbury is committed to maintaining the traits and characteristics that define Australian sport. It is for this reason that Canterbury and the ‘Clubbies’ make such a good match.

“Canterbury and Inside Sport share a love of sport deep in our DNA. We’re a great fit. Both brands want to see the clubs, coaches and volunteers who give so much to sport, recognition for their dedication. We’re delighted to partner with Inside Sport to thank the people at the beating heart of the clubs, where the grass truly has its roots,” Meikleham said.

From representative and international sporting events and teams, all the way down to clubs at a grassroots level, passion, trust, strength and resilience are key attributes which are ingrained in Australian sporting heritage and culture. It is these characteristics which align perfectly with the qualities and outlook of Canterbury.

The eight ‘Clubbies’ awards which are presented to people or organisations who personify these traits are:

  • Best Coach – sponsored and presented by Canterbury
  • Best Club
  • Best Stalwart
  • Best Sport Association
  • Best Masters Performance
  • Best Administrator
  • Best Facility
  • Best Use of Media

“Every day, thousands of people give their time, tirelessly, to their clubs. Without their unheralded work, it would be impossible for the weekends of sport we love to happen. But they always do. Barbecues are fired up, balls are pumped, coaches groan, children cheer, and everyone is happier at the end of the day. Recognising these genuine heroes is the best way we can say a true and heartfelt, ‘Thankyou!’,” said Jamie Meikleham, Managing Director, Canterbury APAC.

What to Expect from the Clubbies Awards

With voting closing on April 15 and the winners being announced on May 3, the competition is immense. In 2018, there were a total of 1,136 nominations for the ‘Clubbies’ awards, across 62 sports. Nominations are submitted from every state and territory across the country, and the prizes are valued at more than $10,000, with everyone competing for a place at the winners luncheon.

Canterbury would like to take this opportunity to thank Inside Sport for being chosen as a major partner for the 2019 ‘Clubbies’ awards, while also wishing all nominees and organisations the best of luck with their nominations!




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