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15 of the Most Memorable Rugby World Cup Tries of All Time

October 5, 2015 Rugby 3 min read BACK

With the 2015 Rugby World Cup in full swing, it is the perfect time to revisit some of the most memorable tries scored in World Cup games. These are inspiring, motivating and all round exciting for rugby fans that are feeling the white line fever at the moment.

John Kirwan – 1987

New Zealand vs Italy

At the first ever World Cup, Kirwan blitzed the Italians for a breathtaking solo try. Absolutely brilliant speed, agility and vision makes this one that will never be forgotten.

Serge Blanco – 1987

France vs Australia

This scrappy play by the French team was topped off with some heroic efforts, and Blanco sealed their fate at the last minute with this cracker of a try in the corner.

David Kirk – 1987

New Zealand vs France

David Kirk scoring in the corner from a scrum play, made possible by Michael Jones, was one of the most famous tries of any World Cup game, and was what gave New Zealand the first ever Rugby World Cup title.

David Campese – 1991

Australia vs New Zealand

This try by Campese left the New Zealand defenders far behind, showing why he was such a legend of the game. Precise speed saw him find the try line through the defence.

Jonah Lomu – 1995

New Zealand vs England

This tournament saw Jonah Lomu rocket to international stardom. In the above video you can see four tries he scored against England, the first one in particular demonstrating why he was such a force to be reckoned with, as he steamrolls the English defence to score.

Pieter Hendriks – 1995

South Africa vs Australia

A real clash of the titans, neither side wanted to lose this one. The try by Pieter Hendriks was memorable not only because he left David Campese well behind as he scored, but also because it helped inspire South Africa to win. Hendriks was later banned from the competition for his involvement in a mass brawl against Canada.

Breyton Paulse – 1999

South Africa vs New Zealand

As a relative newcomer, Paulse wasted no time in showing the world what he was capable of. This solo try is the stuff of legend. Breathtaking to watch and hard to believe that this is real time, not fast forwarded!

Jonah Lomu – 1999

New Zealand vs France

Crashing through a line of Frenchmen on his way to the try line, this try was a reminder of Lomu’s sensational arrival during the 1995 World Cup. He then scored an additional try in this game by using his stepping skills to evade the defence, showing he was not just a steam roller.

Stephen Jones – 2003

England vs Wales

The Welsh team gave the English side a real scare during this game and with this spectacular try by Stephen Jones, it’s clear as to why. Whilst England still went on to win the cup, this great display of rugby put Wales back on the map.

Rupeni Caucau – 2003

Fiji vs France

The Flying Fijians are aptly named when you see this try play out by Rupeni Caucau. He shocked the world with his speed, agility and ability to change direction and this particular try is one that will be remembered for a while.

Sebastien Chabel – 2007

France vs Namibia

From 50 metres out, the infamous Frenchman pierces the Namibian defensive line, going on to break through to the try line himself.

Takudzwa Ngwenya – 2007

USA vs South Africa

Coming up against Bryan Habana, who was at that time considered the best winger in the world, this flamboyant try by USA Eagle Ngwenya had the world talking and for good reason, was considered the try of the tournament.

Federico Martin Aramburu – 2007

Argentina vs France

In what was an amazing team effort, Aramburu finished off this stunning play with a try up the right side. A brilliant effort to show France that they were not scared of them, even on their home turf. Whether or not you speak Spanish, you can hear the excitement of the Argentinian commentators in this video!

Vilimoni Delasau – 2007

Fiji vs Wales

A significant game in itself, this try by Delasau was spectacular and showcased the skill of the side. Delasau scored what seemed like an impossible try, but some good kicks and a favourable bounce cemented his place on this list, and provided what the commentators describe as ‘poetry in motion’.

Kosuke Endo – 2007

Japan vs Wales

An absolutely sensational team effort by the Japanese saw a full field play that resulted in Endo scoring a try up the right side. It all started with Hitoshi Ono winning a turnover and the result is poetry in motion.

Watching the sheer brilliance of some of these tries is the perfect way to remember the legends that have played before and show just how skillful some of the game’s playmakers really are. This year’s Rugby World Cup is sure to produce some more spectacular tries which will be watched over and over by generations to come, just like these ones.




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