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Starting Your Men’s Fitness Capsule Wardrobe: 5 Must Have Items

April 3, 2019 Training 5 min read BACK

There are so many reasons why you should start simplifying and streamlining the way you dress and organise your clothes. You can improve the quality of your clothes while also having more money in your pocket. Plus, it means that you’ll have less hassle when you’re getting ready for training or heading to the gym. You’ll get more versatility from your wardrobe, longevity in your clothes, and your wardrobe will actually suit your lifestyle.

Why not start where you know best – your fitness gear.

What is a fitness capsule wardrobe?

A fitness capsule wardrobe is a gym or training wardrobe that is not only easy to throw together in the dark before stumbling out of the house, but is stylish enough to give you a shot of self-confidence against an army of experienced gym-goers. It’s a wardrobe that lets you look good even when you miss that tackle or trip over a dumbbell.

A fitness capsule wardrobe:

  • Saves you time before by knowing you’ll look great whatever you throw on
  • Limits decision fatigue so you can focus on the game at hand
  • Saves you money by removing impulse buys and instead aiming for quality that lasts
  • Gives you access to the best of the best – gear that specifically targets your fitness
  • Is kinder for the environment by saying no to ‘fast fashion’

The goal for your fitness capsule wardrobe is to create a collection of fitness wear that you love. This collection is all about the life you have right now, not a fantasy life you’re shooting for “someday” or a reminder into your past.

Building your fitness capsule wardrobe

The perfect fitness capsule is one that supports you to be the fittest you can be. Each fabric has its own advantages and drawbacks in relation to training gear. Poorly chosen fabric can lead to problems with chafing, shrinkage, tearing and dampness. Every field of play has an obvious uniform, under garments and footwear too. Your capsule wardrobe should honour this.

When building your fitness capsule wardrobe, look for quality fabric that fits well. Get rid of anything that’s stretched, stained, saggy or doesn’t make you feel great.

Depending on your exercise or sport of choice, it’s important to consider that you will have an ideal routine or setup that will impact the way in which you put together your fitness capsule wardrobe. For example, if you play footy, you’ll need to consider training twice a week while planning for one or two gym sessions. That’s already a minimum of four looks for one week. Luckily, with a fitness capsule wardrobe, you’ll be able to mix and match all the time, while still maintaining style.

In a capsule wardrobe, classics are what make the cut. That means shorts, shoes, shirts, socks and bags.


The sweet spot for gym shorts is mid-thigh: short enough to not impede your movement on the treadmill but long enough so you’re not restricted while squatting to grab a dumbbell. You might like to get a pair equipped with an internal mesh to increase your level of comfort. An antibacterial infused fabric will also ensure that your clothes and locker won’t smell horrific if you forget to take your gym gear home on the weekend.

When we made our Vapodri Woven Gym Shorts, we thought of everything. Not only are they sweat wicking, fast drying, comfortable and breathable, they come with a pocket lining you can wipe your phone, sunnies and hands on. These gym shorts combine style and function for the ultimate training package.

Our Cotton Harlequin Short is quite simply a classic – built for strength and committed to reliability, comfort and performance. You’ll get maximum range of movement and the distinct CCC embroidery will help you immediately identify with Canterbury’s well-established community of fans and athletes.


The footwear you choose will depend on the kind of exercise you’re doing. If you exclusively lift weights and don’t do much cardio then you can get away with almost any flat-soled pair of shoes.

If you’re going to do running or standing cardio, wear running trainers. They’ll help you keep appropriate form, reducing your risk of injury. Make sure your trainers aren’t too tight, as your feet swell slightly when exercising. In general, aim for roughly half a size up.

If you’re running down the wing, you can’t go past our Phoenix 2.0 Boot, which will give you power, traction and all round comfort on the field.


In the gym, there are really only two types of socks acceptable – ankle socks and no-show socks. If you choose ankle socks, match them to your shorts and shoes. They should never be lighter in colour. You don’t have to worry about this in no-show socks, as they don’t break the lines that your shoes create against your legs. Our Drysok Superlow Trainer in white or navy is the perfect choice, featuring moisture management plush cushioning for superior comfort. If value is what you’re after, our Cotton Sport Liner 4 Pack is a winner. If you’re after socks for the field, we’ve of course got plenty.


A lot of training shirts are cut tighter on the arms, with a strong V-taper and a longer length. These are perfect for working out – they’re comfortable, flattering on your muscles and won’t ride up when exercising. Most gym tees are good at stretching throughout different exercises without restraining your technique. Remember that you’re looking for a top that will be breathable and won’t feel uncomfortable.

The best tees are the ones you can hang out in one day and work out in the next. Our VapoDri Performance Cotton Print Tee is one of those tees and combines a relaxed fit with high performance functionality. For training in cooler weather outdoors, our Long Sleeve Small Logo Tee is stylish enough to wear just about anywhere.


Carting your gym gear in a cool, handy bag is the finishing touch to a perfect fitness capsule wardrobe.

A high quality gym bag is an absolute must for a guy who takes his fitness seriously. It should have an inner seal to ward off any untoward whiffs and ideally an antibacterial lining. This is especially important if you plan on throwing your bag under your desk following a lunchtime workout.

Ideally, your gym bag should have a separate shoe compartment or additional large zipped pocket. Again this is important if sneaking in a workout during work hours – the last thing you want is mud getting on your work shirt.

A popular bag is our Packaway bag but for something more classic, our Holdall Bag features super tough Ripstop 600 D anti-ripping and tearing technology, a nylon waterproof inner and Canterbury’s own patented Vaposhield water repellent technology.

For more tips on building your fitness capsule wardrobe, check out our Complete Guide to Training and Workout Gear. From selecting the right fit to fabric types and technologies this guide will help you put together the ultimate long-lasting fitness capsule wardrobe. Investing in the right clothes can make a big difference to the quality of your exercise.




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