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Discover our VAPODRI Technology – KEEPING YOU DRY

July 23, 2015 Footy 2 min read BACK


Canterbury understands the demands on the modern day sports athlete, the rigors of daily training sessions and the intensity required at all levels of the game.  That’s why developed the Canterbury Lab so we could create fabrics that could offer the kind of performance and comfort that athletes at all levels of the game could use.  We are proud to present our very own VAPODRI technology. The science behind a blend of materials used to allow the user to train harder for longer. With advanced wicking properties, evaporation of sweat is boosted, allowing the garment to dry extremely quickly, perfect for reusing and perfect for keeping your body at the optimum temperature while training hard.

This technologu has been applied to a wide range of Canterbury training clothing for Men that will help users raise their game like never before.

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